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Breyer Model Halloween Horses

Skullduggery - Merry Widow - Nosferatu - Cryptic -
Phantasma - Twilight Terror.  Illuminati description is coming soon.

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Here you may view and read descriptions of the Breyer Model Halloween Horses.  Additional models with pictures and descriptions are coming soon, so be sure to check back every so often!  Thanks...

The following descriptions of the Breyer Halloween horses are my own versions and should not be relied upon as being totally accurate.

2001 Breyer Model No. 710001 Skullduggery
A limited edition 2001 Traditional 1:9 scale Halloween horse which is first in a series. A spooktackular first Halloween holiday model horse made from the Silver mold by Breyer.  Skullduggery, a black appaloosa, has a white blanket designed like a skull covering his rump.  A tiny white ghost flies up Skullduggery's left hind leg as the leader rears to stomp a path into the night for the Halloween models yet to come.  His fiery red eyes gaze out from a ghostly white blaze that adorns his handsome face.  By his flaming nostrils and mane wildly tossed, Skullduggery is a real scary looking first.


2002 Breyer Model No. 710002 Nosferatu
A limited edition 2002 Traditional 1:9 scale Halloween horse which is second in a series.  Nosferatu intrigues you with his odd name.  Nosferatu is believed to be another word or an alteration of one for vampire.  This mainly black horse model was made from Breyer's Cigar Mold.  He runs along with black bats flying under a creepy glowing moonlit sky that is a kaleidoscope of yellow, orange, and purple.  With fiery eyes and nostrils glowing orange, this dark creature has a silhouette of a bat that flies in front of a full moon in the middle of his forehead.  Nosferatu, the dark spirited steed, seems to gallop away into the night as if to change his form from a horse into a bat and then into a vampire.  Maybe you should keep Nosferatu in the box, so he will not drink your blood.


2003 Breyer Model No. 710003 Merry Widow (SOLD OUT)
A limited edition 2003 Traditional 1:9 scale Halloween horse which is third in a series.  Merry Widow has a unique color of iridescent green that has been applied with a base coat of black.  Merry Widow was created from Breyer's Marabella Mold for this special edition model.  White and black spiders and webs adorn her body, but most notably a white spider dangles down the front of her beautiful black shimmering face.  This model has orange eyes and white stockings and hooves on the left fore and right hind legs, while the other two hooves are of a metallic green color.  Turn out the lights and her Tenite (registered trade mark) body casts a creepy glow in the dark display of spiders and webs.  Certainly, Merry Widow is a beautiful creature of the night.


2004 Breyer Model No. 710004 Cryptic
A limited edition 2004 Traditional 1:9 scale Halloween horse which is fourth in a series.  Cryptic is a really spooky looking Halloween horse model created from the Big Ben mold made by Breyer.  Resembling an old weatherbeaten tombstone, Cryptic has been branded with RIP on the left rear quarters.  He prances through his background display of an old eerie graveyard, while a RIP CRYPTIC 2004 tombstone protudes out of the ground in the front of his box.  Be sure to read some of the epitaphs in Cryptic's graveyard pasture, for they are sure to prevent you from having nightmares.  Place Cryptic near a bright light, then turn it out for a very nice surprise!  This beast's skeleton glows in the dark.


2005 Breyer Model No. 710005 Phantasma
A limited edition 2005 Traditional 1:9 scale Halloween horse which is fifth in a series.  This Smarty Jones model is one awesome looking charger who fiercely gallops along while carrying his coat of black ghouls and grim reapers.  Black points give this handsome beast with brown colored hooves a fantastic Halloween display that is sure to catch your eye as one phenomenal Halloween treat.  Most notably, a large entity, a black shrouded figure wearing a long dark flowing robe, holds a scythe in one hand as the other points a finger as if to guide the steed into the black abyss.  By chance if Phantasma makes a mad dash toward you, make sure to run away from that pointing phalange:  One may never know what would happen if they were to be caught...Would it be only a fantasy or would it be the end result of what that pointing finger is all about?

2006 Breyer Model No. 710006 Illuminati
A limited edition 2006 Traditional 1:9 scale Halloween horse which is sixth in a series.

2007 Breyer Model No. 710007 Twilight Terror
A limited edition 2007 Traditional 1:9 scale Halloween horse which is seventh in a series.  The second illuminated horse, Twilight Terror, is Breyer's 7th and last Special Edition model in the Halloween Series.  Terrifying bolts of lightning drap over an old dilapidated looking haunted house on this glossy black and blue show jumping warm blood model.  A full moon illuminates over a creepy crooked old tree by the small graveyard as a ghastly skeleton horse gallops up a hill on both sides of this final member of the special run.  Press the button underneath him to hear the thunder clap and roar as the entire scene lights up with bursts of yellow, white, and orange colors.  With mane flying upward and tail held proudly out, Twilight Terror runs and jumps onward racing into the night to uphold his significance as the final Halloween model of the series. 




2004 Breyer Model No. 4678 Vladimir
One of the Galloping Ghouls, this Bucky plush bean bag is a horse that resembles the vampire, Count Dracula.  Maybe his name should have been Count Horsula instead?  Vladimir is a light gray model with black mane and tail.  Around his neck, a twisted gold rope holds Vladimir's satin purple cloak which matches the bottom of his medium gray colored hooves.  His big black eyes and long lashes look at you as if he is asking you to help fill his green Trick or Treat bag that holds three pieces of candy corn.  Don't get too close to Vladimir's goody bag, or he may bite your neck with the two white fangs that poke out from each side of his mouth.  In 2004, Vladimir is one of two of Breyer's first bean bag plush Halloween horse models. 


2004 Breyer Model No. 4679 Whinney
This Galloping Ghoul Bucky bean bag plush horse is wearing a black witch hat adorned with a band of orange ribbon with the word BOO! printed on it.  This light brown horse has big black eyes and long lusterous eyelashes.  With black mane and tail, Whinney's mouth clenches a broomstick with a lime green handle, but the stick resembles a mop more than a traditional broom.  A white blaze is present on the face, and Whinney's two front legs have white socks right above the black hooves.  A surprise awaits you when you turn Whinney the witch around.  If by chance you do not see this hidden feature, you will need to push Whinney's tail to the side.  AHHHH!  A big black spider adorns the plush model's behind!  Whinney is one of two of the first Breyer plush Halloween horses made in the year 2004.


2005 Breyer Model No. 4569 Beezlebub
A fiendishly handsome devil of a plush horse.  Beezlebub is a black as coal plush with light gray hooves that are shod in black.  The same light gray color helps his muzzle and inner ears to stand out.  Beezlebub clenches his metallic red pitchfork with his mouth while his two horns shimmer in bright red above.  His dark as the blackest night mane and tail are soft and can be brushed.  Beezlebub looks into your eyes with his deep black pupils surrounded in red with long black eyelashes that stick straight up.  You may want to keep Beezlebub hitched since he has his red wings spread out like he is ready to fly into the night. 

2005 Breyer Model No. 4569 Boo Boo the Mummy
Oh poor baby Boo Boo has a boo boo all over the place.  He is all wrapped up in bandages on his golden coat, but he still has enough strength to hold up his big happy faced orange pumpkin.  Gray horseshoes are placed on his mummified black hooves.  Black mane, tail and eyelashes are features of this green eyed horpse.  Don't cut his bandages off for you are sure to release this well preserved ghoul into the night.  If released from those eternal bindings, will Boo Boo turn to dust, or will Boo Boo muster up a whinny to curse you for the rest of your life?

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