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My thoughts

A great mind is always near...

STOP destroying all of the woods.
STOP killing our animals...don't drive so fast...stop the two week doe season.  JUST STOP IT! 
The deer are not at fault for all of the car versus deer accidents.  The people who drive too fast are the responsible ones.
Man will eventually destroy himself!

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Spend time with your family
Cherish good friends
Love your children
Stop Look & Listen
Ride Horses wherever and whenever you can
Do not say that........ there are not any places to ride horses today.  Make your own paths and let it be known that horses made these paths in the first place
All roads should be narrowed to one lane and a path for horses should be made from the second lane instead...horses made these roads in the first place
Spend a night in a barn and smell the sweetness of the hay
Treat animals like what they are...a gift from heaven
Quit developing our farmland and let the fields alone.  Progress is for Mother Nature to decide upon.  She needs no help from you.
Speak your mind

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