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True Ghost Stories


UFO sighting

The following account is TRUE.  If you do not believe me, then please do not read the story or refer to it anymore.
In the spring of 1981, my nephew was visiting and staying over night.  Everyone was in the kitchen talking except for my nephew.  He was outside playing.  All of a sudden, he burst through the door and said that a UFO was directly over the house.  Nobody believed him at first, but finally we all went outside to check things out.  By this time, the UFO had moved and was hovering on top of the next hill over from where we live.  Five of us decided to get in the car and drive over to where the UFO was now positioned at.  It was a warm night, so we had the windows down in the car.  There was not any sound what so ever coming from the UFO.  My husband looked at the UFO through binoculars to try and get a better look at it.  He indicated that it was neither a plane, blimp, or anything that he could identify.  The UFO was stationary for a long time and was directly above us.  It was a huge object in the sky that did not make any sound at all.  It is one of the weirdest things I have ever seen.  It had what I will describe as window lights all the way around its diameter.  Whenever these window lights turned on, you could see that the UFO was a circular in shape, just like the UFOs you see on TV.  These window lights on the UFO would stay on for awhile, then they would shut off all at the same time.  After they turned off, on one side of the craft a green light would flash, then on the other side a red light would flash.  So we watched a display of red light flashing, then a green light flashing, then red, then green, and so on.  After awhile, this flashing red and green sequence would stop and the window lights would come back on again.  The UFO alternated between having the window lights on and the red and green lights flashing on each side as we sat looking at the hovering craft in our car.  The last thing that happened was when the window lights were on.  In order for me to clarify what happened next, I will need to explain things a little differently so you can understand.  You, the reader, must imagine a box that is circular in shape and hold it up in the air flat (so as if you would put something in it), and imagine that there are a bunch of window lights on the side of the circular box the entire way around it.  Then imagine that it is dark outside and the lights are on in these windows.  Take the box and slowly flip it upside down while in the dark.  This is what the UFO did and it MADE NO NOISE WHAT SO EVER in the process of doing so!  After it flipped completely upside down, it flew away SO FAST that it was gone before you could blink your eyes!  Now remember we are up on top of a hill, so we could see lights for quite some distance. When the UFO took off into flight, it was gone in a flash but ABSOLUTELY NO NOISE WAS HEARD from the sky!      

UFO piece or part
I had to do a research paper while in college.  I decided to do one about UFOs because I know that they exist, while others believe they do not.  I interviewed someone that my husband knew about that had a tale to tell. This was 
an interview with a lady who lived in Westmoreland County near Lowber and a UFO had crashed by her house.  This story happened in the 60s or 70s I believe.  I need to look for the tape and will type the entire interview for you to read as soon as I can find it.  She had in her possession a real piece from a UFO that she said was taken for analysis.  She asked for the piece back and had told me that she could not believe that they even gave it back to her.  The metallic piece was found to be of no known metals of our planet earth.
Sorry, I still did not go into the attic to look for this interview.  But, I will type the entire taped conversation as soon as I find it.

Evil passes over us
Both my husband and I sleep like logs.  One night while I was sleeping, I felt something pass over me.  IT WOKE ME STRAIGHT UP OUT OF A DEEP SLEEP.  It was quite close but I think it went over the stairway.  I was sleeping on the side of the bed farthest away from the staircase.  My husband was sleeping by the stairs.  Whatever it was, it was absolutely evil, bad, nasty, mean, or whatever you want to call it.  It was not anything good.  It scared me, so I scooted over toward my husband and hugged him.  I did not want to be on the edge of the bed.  I did not say anything to my husband, but whenever I moved over, HE ASKED, "DID YOU FEEL THAT TOO?"  I describe whatever it was as pure evilness.  I never experienced anything like it ever since and don't want to either!

The phone call that took six years to reach its destination
A true story that happened to my friend.
Okay...I will type a short story about this and try to clean it up as best as I can later on.
The neighbor's husband had passed away 6 years earlier. The lady had been grocery shopping and when she came home, she knew something was wrong because her husband always greeted her and helped carry the groceries into the house.  Whenever the lady went into the house, she found her husband dead.  Six years later, the police responded to a 911 call to this lady's house.  When the police arrived, all doors to the house were locked.  My friend's neighbor had left a key with her.  The neighbor had just put on a new front door.  My friend heard a commotion and saw that the police were going to break down the door since a 911 emergency call had been made.  My friend told the cops that she had a key and would be right over to open up the door.  After entering the house, the police searched the downstairs rooms and could not find anyone.  Next, the second floor of the house was searched to see if anyone was upstairs.  No one was home.  The police asked my friend if she knew how to open up the garage, but she did not know.  The police contacted a relative to come and open the garage.  There was no car in the garage.  No one was there.  The police told my friend to tell the owner of the house to call them whenever she came back home.  Whenever the lady came home, she said that no one should have been at the house.  She then told my friend that it was exactly six years to the day that her husband had passed away.  The police told my friend's neighbor that there were two emergency calls placed from the residence.

A house that we bought.
Strange things have happened and we haven't even moved in yet.
Here are brief stories that I will try to clean up later on.
My son used to trap muskrats.  My husband made my son go and skin out a muskrat that he had not yet skinned out.  If he did not do this at this time, then the skin would not be any good.  By himself, he went down to a house that we are remodeling really late at night to skin this rat out.  In the cellar, there were traps and stretchers strung out on a clothesline that went from one end of the cellar to the other...we own alot of traps and stretchers, and I do mean alot.  It was wintertime and cold outside, so there were no doors or windows open at this time.  All of a sudden, all of the traps and stretchers started to swing (they are pretty heavy).  It was like someone was running a stick along a picket fence, bing, bing , bing, bing...all the traps and stretchers were moved.  My son said that this was really creepy, but he stayed to skin the rat out. 
Utility Knife
My husband was in the process of painting the cellar walls.  He had a blue tarp down on the floor so as not to drip any paint on our new cement floor.  We bought the thick paint that helps seal the foundation walls so it needed to be stirred.  My husband cut an X in the bucket lid and used an attachment on a drill to stir the paint.  I watched as he cut the lid and helped him by holding the lid and bucket down so it would not tip over while he stirred the paint.  He had cut the lid with an orange utility knife and had placed it down on the tarp to my right.  After stirring the paint, he asked me to get a new paint brush that we bought so he could wipe the dripping paint from the bucket after pouring the paint into the tray.  He told me that it was up in the rafters directly above where we were working.  I reached up and got the paint brush and tried to open it for him.  I could not get the plastic open with only using my fingers to tear it since they make it so hard anymore.  He told me to give him the brush and he would open it. I told him to not use his teeth to open it and that I would get him the knife.  I looked down to where I knew he had put the knife but it was not there.  My husband and I looked briefly for the knife, but we could not find it, so he continued on with his quest to paint our cellar walls.  In the meantime, I looked for the knife.  I looked under the paint bucket, under the lid, under the tarp, on the tarp, here, there, and everywhere.  I spent over a half of an hour looking for that knife.  I could not find it anywhere.  I thought to myself that I knew that neither one of us had stepped away from the place where we stirred the paint and that the knife should have been there somewhere.  I probably looked in that place about 50 times for it.  IT WAS NOT THERE.  An orange utility knife on a blue tarp should have been found quite easily.  Well anyhow, to continue the husband needed some more paint, so we did the same thing as before....he stirred and I held the lid and bucket down.  After he had finished stirring up this second batch of paint, I just happened to look down at the tarp and guess what?  THERE WAS THAT STUPID UTILITY KNIFE THAT I JUST SPENT OVER HALF AN HOUR LOOKING FOR.  I told my husband to look down.  He saw the knife and then looked at me and said that I put it there.  I told him that I did not.  I DID NOT PUT IT THERE and I know that it was not there whenever I was looking for it.  Since this happened, my husband tells me that there are many instances of things that disappear and then reappear whenever he is at this house doing work.   
THE Radio
The neighbor who lives 2 houses down asked me if our house was haunted one day.  I was shocked, so I kept asking him why he had asked me that question.  I asked him over and over, "Why are you asking me that question"?  He told me that one day he saw the people who once owned the house sitting on the back porch around sunset.  The couple who owned the house before us are not alive now and were not alive whenever my neighbor saw them sitting on the porch.  My neighbor continued on....he told me that one time his dog got loose, so he went searching in the dark for his best friend.  He went to the field where the previous owner had always planted a garden, then the previous owner and other relatives would sit around on chairs in the cool evening air to talk.  My neighbor grew up on the same street and would go over to talk with all of the men.  The previous owner had a voice box to talk with that made his voice mechanical and raspy and very distinctive.  Whenever my neighbor was over in this particular field looking for his dog, he heard the previous owner talking.  He told me that he would never forget the sound of the previous owners voice.  I asked my neighbor if he had been drinking anything and he told me no.  I asked him what he did whenever he heard the voice.  My neighbor said that it scared him so he ran home.  My neighbor was probably about 25 years old at this time.

Years ago my friend was riding around with a buddy by the Laurel Mountain Ski place by Lynn Runn State Park in a big assed 4x4.  It had snowed and there were mounds of snow from the snow plow along the road about 3 or 4 feet high.  There was a fresh layer of snow on the road about 2 feet deep.  Other than the monster 4X4, there were no other vehicles out on the snowy roads.  As the two snow four wheelin buddies drove up over a knob and were starting to cruise across the flats they encountered something that they still talk about today.  All of a sudden in the headlight beams were a set of red eyes.  These eyes belonged to a huge manlike hairy creature with really long arms.  It was about 100 feet from the snow wheelin vehicle.  As soon as the creature noticed that it had been sighted, it took off as fast as could be.  My friend says that it took the creature only 3 steps to cross the road and be totally out of sight.  Now remember how much snow there is on each side of the road and on the road itself.  It bolted out of sight with absolutely no problem at all.  It scared the crap out of the two buddies.  After they drove away from the scene of the sighting, the two buddies got out of the vehicle and tried to walk through the snow but could not.  The next morning, they called a local Bigfoot researcher and the creature had also been sighted on Route 31.  Casts of the footprints were taken and my friends story was published in some kind of Enquirer paper or magazine.  My friend can not remember the name of the paper where it was published.  This sighting happened around 1980 or 1981.

It was about 1977, 1978, or 1979.  A friend of mine was riding horses with other friends in Derry.  They crossed the road to the woods and were following the pipeline to reach their destination.  All of a sudden the horses started going nuts.  The horses were spinning in circles and were rearing up.  Back from where they had just came from, my friend saw a huge hairy creature standing upright and it was just staring at them.  Next the creature turned and walked up into the woods.  My friend goes hunting and knows what a bear looks like. What my friend saw was not a bear or any kind of animal that is native to the state of PA.

Kids from my neighborhood tell of a story that happened not too far from where I live.  It was late at night and these kids were out being kids, you know, goofing around and doing goodness only knows what.  There was an abandoned Van out on the back road.  The back door of the van was smashed in and could not be opened.  These kids swear that they saw this creature, you know, hairy, big, long armed, etc., go over to this van.  It went to the back of the vehicle and just pulled open the back door without putting any effort into it at all.  The kids swear that this story is true.

My friend knows someone who had access to about 300 acres on the Chestnut Ridge, so we drove to the middle of these 300 acres up on Chestnut Ridge to have some fun the weekend before the official Halloween night.  I had researched and recorded some Chestnut Ridge sightings and Bigfoot sounds/screams/calls to take with us on our quest.  I took a boom box that played cds on battery power and an old karaoke machine with us too.  We were going to visit a few places to try to scare the wits out of ourselves.  We were just trying to have some fun I guess.  Well anyhow, we drove into the middle of these 300 acres of woods.  Nothing there but fun seeking adventurers, the woods, and who knows what or who else.  Well I read the stories to set the mood.  Next, I played the recordings of the Bigfoot calls and held the microphone to the karaoke machine close the the boom box speakers so as to make the sound projection really loud.  We also did our own version of making the Bigfoot whooping call.  It was fun, but we did not see anything.  About a month later, my friend and I were talking about this and she asked if I knew that the next day there was a story of a creature that had been caught on some guys camera that had been placed out in the Pennsylvania woods to capture game.  I said that I did not, so she gave me a link on the web to check it out, and it was true.  My son has asked me what I would have done if we did happen to call in Bigfoot that night up on Chestnut Ridge....I would have scared the you know what out of myself...probably would have screamed, ran, cried, and who knows what else.  I know I would not have stayed to watch.  That's all folks.

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