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Westmoreland County Bells Mills Covered Bridge


Although this is the only remaining covered bridge in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania has the most of them with 221 of them remaining today
as written in
The Covered Bridges of Pennsylvania
by Susan M. Zacher
Second Printing Revised
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Historical and Musuem Commission
Harrisburg, 1986

Built in 1850 by Daniel McCain.  Bells Mills covered bridge is the only covered bridge remaining in Westmoreland County.  The one lane bridge is still being used today.  
The area where the bridge is located is also known as Milbell.  If you plan on visiting this area, please do not destroy the bridge or any adjacent property.   It is a very beautiful and historical place in Westmoreland County.

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See NEW pictures of Bells Mills Covered Bridge taken in October 2008

Bells Mills Covered Bridge
October 2003

Bells Mills Covered Bridge
bells mills covered bridge.jpg
Covered bridges are also known as KISSING bridges

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Other Westmoreland County Covered Bridges that once existed.
Bridgeport (2)
Johnsons Point
New Alexandria
Sutersville ?
Waltz Mill ?
Apple Mills ?
If you know of any more, please email me.  Thanks.

Sewickley Presbyterian Church
This church is located near Bells Mills Covered Bridge

Click here to see the Sewickley Presbyterian Church and read old epitaphs from the cemetary.

I love to collect Bells Mills Covered Bridge items.
What do I have in my collection?
Huge oil painting done prior to 1974 of the bridge--exact date unknown: Artist Phyllis Miller
Smaller oil painting of the bridge
Small drawing of the bridge
Small Crock with picture of the bridge
Pictures of the bridge
Slides of the bridge
Many books that reference the bridge
Pamphlets that mention the bridge
Maps that show the location of the bridge
A postcard of the bridge done in watercolors sold by the Greensburg Art Club
A postcard with a drawing of the bridge
A puzzle of the bridge
A print of the bridge by Artist Thomas M. McConville
A plate of the bridge with a description on the back (also have the companion plate of the old Presbyterian Church)
Memories of my own
Oh yeah, I even have my Dad's hat with the picture of the bridge (the most prized possesion of my collection)
and yes, I have this website partially dedicated to the GREATEST Covered Bridge!

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